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Successful JetSweep™ Deployment

Nafun International & Source Rock Energy have successfully deployed -patented- JetSweep™ for cleaning out sand filled, depleted lateral & vertical oil wells in alliance with  a major operatorin ME. JetSweep™ is the latest technology as Rig/WPH assisted jet lift for well cleanout. JetSweep™  has proved cost savings & achieved all KPI’s for the customer by extending intervention time from avg of 6 months to 2 years


very convenient solution for sand cleaning in horizontal & vertical depleted wells, relative to other solution i.e. CCT or conventional methods.

  • Enhance well’s productivity via cleaning rock matrix & improve permeability
  • 100% wellbore sand / scale cleanout (Horizontal & Vertical) wells.
  • Extend well’s production life from average of 6 months intervention to +2 years.
  • Reduce well’s intervention operation (Time & Cost).
  • Reduce well’s production deferment significantly.

JetSweep™    Rig assisted jet pump sand cleanouts

JetSweep is the first a first for the industry providing a pressure balanced well vacuuming process. Rig assisted sand cleanout operations can now be performed without high fluid  losses, and without the expense of multi-string coiled tubing units or nitrogen

JetSweep Pro

JetSweep Pro™ is a new enhancement to the successful, JetSweep™ system that now allows for rotary, reverse circulation milling while performing underbalanced wellboresand or cuttings cleaning.


JetSweep Pro™ incorporates a proprietarily designed sealed bearing pressure isolation tool the allows for workstring rotation during the JetSweep cleanout operation for any required milling during the job.

JetBack™    Rig assisted jet pump well flowback

The JetBack system is a rig deployed jet pump and service packer, run in hole for post-frac clean up, for post-acid job flowback or well testing. The service rig pump is used to power the JeckBack jet pump and lift rates typically range from  150 m3/D   to   +400 m3/D depending on the application. Compared to difficult swabbing operations, the JetBack system easily handles sand and gas kicks, and can often reduce  clean-up times by 70 to %80. The JetBack jet pump assembly is sized for optimal performance in the specific well, targeting maximum lift rate. Jet pumps are ideal formulti-phase flow and for sand handing. Running a pressure memory gauge in the JetBack assembly allows operators to gain valuable reservoir  information for permanent pump sizing.


JetTest™    Now you can test individual production stages and perform water shut-off in the same operation

JetTest™  is a unique process that combines a high performance jet pump assembly with standard oilfield isolation tools, as well as the latest production logging suite. JetTest™  provides the industry with the first over – rapid set, repeatable, zonal isolation testing system. deployed with the conventional service rig, the system is fast and economical to utilize. JetTest™  data results provide operators a data report that will give a full characterization for each production interval tested.


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JetString™    Underbalanced well unloading * without nitrogen *

Well unloading operations using coiled tubing and nitogen can be costly. In low bottomhole pressure wells, nitrogen lift performance can be quite poor, often resulting in long and expensive workover operations with incomplete load fluid recovery.


JetString™ is your economical and high performance alternative to expensive nitrogen lift operations . JetString is a simple innovation used for rapid well unloading operations and is based on Jet Lift systems advanced Jet Pump technology. The JetString assembly is coiled tubing deoloyed and powered with a pressure truck pumping just water. JetString™  lift rates are application specific, but often range from 150 to 300 m3/D-all the while drawing the BHP down lower and lower towards pump-off.