JetSweepTM  e-Brochure

JetSweepTM  technology is patented artificial lift downhole tool designed to clean and lift formation’s produced sand or scale from the wellbore during workover and  well intervention – JetSweepTM is the first a first for the industry, providing a pressure balanced well vacuuming process that can be deployed using Rig / snubbing unit / CTU assisted sand cleanout operations that can be performed without high fluid losses, and without the expense of multi-string coiled tubing units or nitrogen lift. JetsweepTM is very mature service with more than +300 jobs completed successfully in ME & North America.

JetsweepTM Sand cleanout System

New Technology -What is it?

JetSweepTM Sand / scale cleanout system offer a major improvement over CTU / CCT cleaning operations to provide effective sand recovery from the wellbore, while cleaning reservoir rock and enhancing oil drainage.

  • 100% wellbore sand/scale cleanout (both Horizontal & Vertical wells).
  • Enhance well’s productivity via cleaning rock matrix & improve permeability.
  • Extend Artificial lift production system’s life from average by 3 folds.
  • Extend duration period between well interventions.
  • Consistent load on Artificial lift production system’s for long period. i.e. Consistent oil production.
  • Reduce well intervention’s operation Time & Cost.
  • Reduce significantly well’s production deferment.
  • Cleanout around the perforation area and behind the production liner/casing


  • Sand / scale cleanout

JetSweepTM Hydraulics materials are designed to withstand erosive sand production for long period. 

  • Consumed Acid cleanout

JetSweepTM material is designed to withstand sour fluid production.

  • Well Lifting and Well Testing (Underbalance)

JetSweepTM can be used for well Test operation for both balance or underbalance cases as per customer requirements. The same can be used for reservoir’s drawdown for new or old perforation to test reservoir potentials or to clean perforations and filter cakes.

  • Post-frac sand cleanout.

JetSweepTM is used to effectively clean frac sand from the wellbore.

  • Fluid unloading in oil / gas wells

  • Water injector wells clean out to enhance injectivity

New Technology – Value Creation / Benefit

Operations optimization:

  • JetSweepTM is a hydraulic string conveyed downhole tool that can be deployed using different methods such as Rig, Hoist, snubbing unit, coiled tubing. based on customers preference and equipment availability.
  • Work string can be DP, tubing, or coil which enables continuous circulation while deploying the JetSweepTM to ensure tools functionality and efficient hole cleaning.
  • Fluid to be used is basic fluid with no chemicals required and whatever available at the wellsite. e.: well site water or sea water, if kill fluid is used to control the well then, the same fluid can be used for JetSweepTM operation.

Well’s Intervention frequency performance:

  • It’s proven to our customers that post JetSweepTM has been cut significantly. i.e.: majority of the sandy wells in one of the fields in ME had to be intervened every 6 months in average using conventional methods but after JetSweepTM deployment it become +1.5 years in average.

Well’s production performance:

  • Customer’s feedback post JetSweepTM jobs have indicated production enhancement that varies between 50% to 200%.
  • Some case histories indicated that customers struggled to open up some sandy wells for 3 – 5 years but with JetSweepTM they managed to bring them back to production.

Oil production Deferment:

  • The main commercial value when utilizing JetSweepTM is to minimize oil deferment for our client.
  • In busy fields, Client waits for 3-6 months in average to bring the shutdown wells back to production due to sand issue.
  • Minimizing well’s interventions ensure continuous oil production.

Asset Integrity:

  • Sand production introduced severe damage to production installations and facilities in which maintenance cost and frequency become significant.
  • Sand production cause erosion to tubing, artificial lift systems, production pipes, production stations. This process can be minimized by utilizing JetSweepTM where clean oil production is extended by 2 to 3 times vs conventional methods.

Sister technologies (under development):

  • JetTestTM : Zonal isolation testing system for reservoir fluid evaluation which will enable producing / testing different zones separately and identify water production zone accordingly.
  • JetStimTM: Zonal isolation stimulation or acid squeeze which will enable effective zonal stimulation & enhance productivity.

SPE / Industrial Technical papers / Case Histories

JetSweepTM was announced as finalist by SPE in the category of (Innovation & Technology) as one of the best technologies during 2020 competing against +35 technologies owned by different operators & service providers.

Job objective
Workover objective
Average Clean out
Duration (days)
Total No.Wells
Success Rate%
Sand clean out
  • - Bring wells back to production.
  • - Water shut off.
  • - Install new WWS.
  • - Change out from beam pump to PCP / ESP.
  • - Downhole Mechanical obstructions.
  • - Casing integrity issues.
  • - Inaccurate data i.e: BHP,…
Consumed Acid
Straight forward application
Post Frac clean out
Frac Sand lift.
Straight forward application