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Conductor Hammering

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Conductor Hammering

The diesel pile hammer is an extremely rugged and reliable impact hammer. They are used for driving on different pile types like batter piles, H-beams, sheet piles as well as for driving piles in bearing layers or for the determination of pile load capacity. Diesel pile hammers can be used in all displaceable soils. Diesel pile hammers are single acting free fall hammers utilizing the principle of impact atomization. The self-ignition of the compressed fuel/air mixture is used to fire the hammer. The pile helmet is pressed onto the pile before the piston strikes, due to the compressed air in the cylinder. Consequently, damages to the pile heads are reduced. Modern diesel pile hammers are equipped with adjustable fuel pump for regulating the stroke of the piston and therefore the impact energy. This is a particular advantage when soil formations change. Optionally a hydraulically actuated fuel pump with infinite settings is available. The diesel pile hammer utilizes a tripping device to lift the piston and start the hammer. For hydraulic carriers also hydraulic tripping device is obtainable.

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Lifting of the piston (starting)

To start the Diesel Pile Hammer the piston is lifted by means of a mechanical or hydraulical tripping device and automatically released at a certain height.


Injection of Diesel fuel and compression

While dropping, the piston actuates the pump lever, so that a certain quantity of diesel fuel is sprayed on top of the impact block. After passing the exhaust ports, the piston starts compressing the air in the combustion chamber. -


Impact and Combustion

The impact of the piston on the impact block atomizes the Diesel fuel in the combustion chamber. The atomized fuel ignites in the highly compressed air. The combustion energy moves the piston upwards.



While moving upwards, the piston exposes the exhaust ports. The exhaust gases escape and the pressure in the cylinder equalizes.



As the piston continues to move upwards, fresh air is drawn through the exhaust / intake ports for flushing the cylinder while also releasing the pump lever. The pump lever returns to its starting position and the pump is charged with fuel again

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The Diesel Pile Hammer Services exclusively to drive suitable units into a supporting soil layer. These may be piles, pipes, sheet piles, H-Beams, concrete piles, etc. that will not be destroyed by the impact forces created by the Diesel Pile Hammer.

Conductor Hammering Service

Advantages for Rigless Hammering Job

Advantages for Rigless Hammering Job

Saving time and cost for:

Rig Daily charge

Bit cost

Mud Cost

Cement Cost

Conductor running and accessories cost is low

Job duration is low compared to Rig operation

Hammer Jobs Statistics to date

Year Total No. Wells Average Meterage (m) Success Rate % Remarks
2020 36 19.6 100% Deepest record 33.5 m
2021 70 19.8 100% Deepest record 38.7 m
2022 90 17.6 100% Deepest record 27.4 m
2023 to date 100 17.6 100% Deepest record 27.4 m

Two Hammers on Operation with two stand alone crews
Total Hammer Jobs done to date: 140

Hammering VS Drilling

Saving time and cost for


Rig Daily charge


Bit cost


Mud Cost


Casing running + Inner string + Accessories + Cement Cost

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