Asset & Operation

ICV Program

  • We own 100% tools & equipment.
  • We operate 100% business in the field.
  • We do Technical Design of the jobs.
  • Jobs success rate to date is >95%.
  • 170 wells clean out operation were completed to date.
  • 44 wells Hammer operation were completed to date.
  • We optimize tools design to overcome the operation challenges.
  • We continually optimize our operation via Lean work methodology.
  • Design sister J.S technologies (on progress). Two designs completed.

Proud of our People

  • Achieved 3 Years HSE Goal Zero.

  • Local Operation management.

  • Managed to train competent locals to operate stand alone.

  • Striving for 100% locals in the field by Oct 2022.

  • Started Training program for local Field engineers in 2016 with Hands On.

  • Proud to have 70% operation run by locals.

Inspection Service

Successful JetSweep™ Deployment

EMI three function unit / NDT , Black light inspection / Dimensional verification

Tubing and casing inspection

EMI Four function unit / NDT / Dimensional verification / Drift

Conventional & Advances NDT

Magnetic particles inspection / Thickness gauging / Ultrasonic testing / PAUT / TOFD / Eddy current testing

Lifting Equipment inspection

Mobile cranes inspection / Forklift inspection / Rig winches inspection and testing / Lifting accessories inspection

Rig Equipment inspection

Crown blocks /Travelling blocks /Hook blocks / Rotary tables / Mud pumps / Draw works /Derrick structures & Substructures