We are Nafun,
an energy technology company

We take energy forward – making it safer, cleaner, and more efficient
for people and the planet.

NAFUN’s subsidiaries

An easy to use, flexible and convenient software package with a Web Server support . It includes an extensive driver library and graphical libraries for industrial automation.


new ideas, high technology, better life. A technology company with going beyond the realms of conventional that contributes to better life of society by providing innovative services.


Our Leadership team have vast and solid experience in O & G by running managerial positions with different operators. We have five different service divisions and three subsidiaries.

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What’s our services? 

Conductor Hammering

NAFUN JetSweep Services

One of the main goals for the company is provide new technology solution to overcome Oil and Gas industrial challenges and address them effectively and eventually reduce production cost


JetSweep is the first a first for the industry providing a pressure balanced well vacuuming process

Successful JetSweep™ Deployment

Nafun International & Source Rock Energy have successfully deployed -patented- JetSweep™

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JetSweep Pro

JetSweep Pro™ incorporates a proprietarily designed sealed bearing pressure isolation tool the allows for workstring

JetSweep Pro™ is a new enhancement

JetSweep™ system that now allows for rotary, reverse circulation milling while performing

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The JetBack system is a rig deployed jet pump and service packer, run in hole for post-frac clean up, for post-acid job flowback or well testing

JetBack™ Rig assisted jet pump well flowback

The JetBack system is a rig deployed jet pump and service packer

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JetTest™ is a unique process that combines a high performance jet pump assembly with standard oilfield isolation tools

JetTest™ Now you can test individual production

JetTest™  provides the industry with the first over – rapid set, repeatable, zonal isolation testing system.

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In low bottomhole pressure wells, nitrogen lift performance can be quite poor, often resulting in long

JetString™ Underbalanced well unloading * without nitrogen *

Well unloading operations using coiled tubing and nitogen can be costly

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